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Find out how many pages are indexed in Yahoo for your website with the Yahoo! Indexed Pages Checker.

Indexed pages describe how many pages a search engine has included in their database for a website. As Yahoo spider bots crawl the Web they follow hyperlinks that show up - both to new domains and new pages on existing domains.

As you add new articles, content, or blog posts to your website search engines should be able to pick up this new content quickly. An established website that is already included in Yahoo's site database might get checked regularly, and new articles added to the index within weeks, days, or even hours! A brand new website sometimes takes a while to get fully indexed, but if the site is never fully indexed in Yahoo, or it's taking many months, it could signify a problem with your website.

Making sure Yahoo can regularly index your site and include new content in their database requires some simple, basic SEO such as properly formatted HTML, a server with reasonable load times, and preferably not a lot of links to "bad neighborhoods" - unsavory or spammy websites that might be avoided by Yahoo.

As your website expands, you can keep track of how many pages are being indexed in Yahoo with a quick look in our Yahoo Indexed Pages Checker tool.