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Check how many backlinks a website has in the Yahoo! Directory.

What is Yahoo! Directory?

Yahoo! Directory is an online directory of websites that dates back over ten years. When Yahoo! first got started, the Yahoo! Directory was their first "index" of online sites and formed the basis of their search technology. Later on they moved to crawling websites like other search engines, but their directory has continued to expand over the years.

Yahoo! Directory lists websites by category and location, breaking the Web down into many different topics.

What is the Benefit of a Yahoo! Directory Listing?

Backlinks from Yahoo! Directory can be valuable due to the authority of the domain, age of the directory, and general quality of the directory. There is a substantial fee to have a website reviewed for placement, and this does not guarantee that a website will be included in the directory.

A backlink from Yahoo! Directory isn't necessarily going to boost your rankings in search engines, but it can help increase exposure and combined with good SEO can help nudge a website towards its goals.

Useful for researching other websites in your market, or checking up on your own links, the Yahoo! Directory Backlink Checker will quickly tell you how many links any domain has in this authority directory.