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Check details of your site as a search engine spider would!

Our website spider tool crawls any URL and fetches details that a spider bot might use when crawling a page.

Enter an URL and our tool will crawl the specified site, extracting details that a search engine spider would see. Get a report of the META tags and site content including the page title, META description, META keywords, the full source code and the full character length of the website's code.

The spider viewer tool makes it simple to identify missing META tags, check on keywords, review the title and description of a page, or determine how long the source code is. It lets you analyze a web page much like a spider would, by extracting details from the HTML instead of being rendered in a browser.

What is a Search Engine Spider?

Spiders are software that search engines use to "crawl" web pages and retrieve the content, size, and other details for their website indexes. A search spider looks at the raw HTML and text of a web page instead of the final (rendered) version that we see with a browser. Search spiders will also look at META tags for a site, like the title and description text.