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Test the speed of your website with our Website Speed Test Tool!

Does your web site load quickly, or is it crawling along? Find out easily with the Website speed test tool - just enter any URL and our speed test will see how fast your website is loading.

What Does Website Speed Test Actually Test?

Every time your browser loads a web page, it makes an HTTP request to the Web server that hosts the website. Once the request is received and processed, it returns the website response with full code for your browser to render the web site.

After the request is processed, it usually takes time for your browser to render the site, including fetching external files and images, and handling any scripting or formatting that takes place client-side (in your browser).

The Website Speed Test Tool only checks the request/response time, which helps rule out any extra time that is spent by your browser displaying a web site. This tool lets you check how quickly your website is responding to search engines and visitors, and optimize it if necessary.

Search engines don't typically penalize your website for being a little sluggish, but if your site is taking an extremely long time to respond, it might time out and hurt your rankings. Since it's always frustrating to wait for a website to load, it's wise for Webmasters to improve website load times both for visitors and for search engine bots.