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View your website like a search engine spider!

The Spider Viewer tool is a quick and simple way to look at your website through the eyes of a search engine spider.

What is a Search Engine Spider?

Spiders, also called search bots, bots or spider bots, are software used by search engines to "crawl" a website and all of its content. A spider will fetch each page and follow the links from that page recursively, building up an index of pages which the search engine can then use to build its database.

A spider bot doesn't view websites in a browser like we do. Instead, it fetches the raw HTML code for the site and then strips it down further into just the text and content.

The spider viewer tool emulates what a search spider might see when viewing your page. Although there are many ranking factors related to code, and Google will attempt to take a snapshot of what your site looks like when it is rendered like in your browser; their natural mode of viewing your site is un-rendered. Therefore, seeing the "text only" version of your site can be very helpful.

That said, all search engine spiders all function somewhat differently from one another. For an organized view of information a spider bot can obtain you can also use our Website spider tool.