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Quickly view the full source code of any website. The Source Code Viewer Tool makes it easy to fetch and view the source code of any URL.

Instead of visiting web sites one by one and digging up the source code with your browser, you can fetch the full source code for any website in one place. Enter the URL and we'll fetch the source code and display it for you to view or copy.

What is a Website's Source Code?

Every website uses HTML and other Web technologies to generate the web pages we see in our Web browsers. HTML is a markup language which lets Web designers define the elements and contents of a Web page, and using other languages such as CSS and JavaScript, customize and enrich each Web page.

Typically, every web site you visit provides the full, unencrypted source code so that your browser can render the site. While users don't see this code, it can be viewed within the browser in most cases by selecting View Source.

The source code of a website contains all the text, code elements, style elements, and other information that make up the entire page.