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The Site Rank Checker tool fetches three key pieces of information for a website.

Check your Alexa traffic ranking, Google PageRank, and PageHeat ranking all at once with the Site Rank Checker tool.

What is Alexa Traffic Ranking?

Alexa traffic ranking is a number assigned to virtually every website on the Web. It can range from 1 (the most popular website on the entire Internet), up to the hundreds of thousands. It's difficult to say what a good Alexa ranking is for websites in general, since it does depend on the type of traffic and visitors each website has. For example, a top 10,000 ranking is generally considered a strong ranking (being in the top 10,000 website online), but some businesses might have a website Alexa ranking of 200,000 and performance very well in search engines.

PageRank is the ranking system and algorithm used by Google. Every page is assigned a PageRank between 0-10 that indicates it's strength in Google's index. Similarly, PageHeat assigns each website a ranking of 0-10 based on several popularity factors, like traffic, search engine saturation, and also website age.

These three rankings can be very useful tools for checking the general authority and popularity of any website. Each statistic on it's own is less useful but taken together the Site Rank Checker gives a quick and easy way to check any website!