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Quickly check ranking for a keyword with the Search Engine Position Checker!

Instead of sifting through dozens of pages of search results on multiple search engines, just enter a website and keyword here to quickly check your website's position for any keyword.

Why Check Keyword Position?

By keeping track of how your website is ranked in the major search engines, you can identify areas that you need to work on, unexpected drops, and (hopefully) expected improvements! By identifying poorly ranking terms or terms that you are losing positioning for, you can narrow down on these problem areas before you disappear from the rankings altogether.

Our search engine position checker will crawl results from Google and Yahoo, clearly indicating your positioning for the keyword in question without doing multiple searches!

If your site is just showing up in search results it might be low on the list, but still worthwhile to keep track of for SEO efforts. Digging through pages of search results can be rather painstaking, so this makes quick work of checking your rank.

For larger lists you can also use the multiple keyword rank checker, or for comparing keyword results on multiple domains you can use the multiple domain keyword position checker.