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Check how your website is indexed in the major search engines with our Search Engine Saturation Checker.

What is Search Engine Saturation?

Search engine saturation describes how well your website has been "absorbed" by search engines into their site index. As search bots crawl your website and build up their index and cache, new pages of your website are included as they are crawled and verified by the engine's algorithms.

The more pages that are indexed on your website, the more your content is included in searches and the better chances that your site will come up in results.

How do I Improve Search Engine Saturation?

Content, content, content! Adding new content to your website is an essential property of expanding your presence in search engines. Indexed pages correspond directly to how much content is available on your website.

Indexed pages do not accurately describe the quality or depth of the content on a website, it is simply a measure of how many pages have been included in a search engine's index. Some sites have a large number of pages but very little unique content for each page. On the other hand, some sites have both, such as Wikipedia.

For SEO, improving search saturation is important, but more important is focusing on the quality of content - not just quantity.