How to Use:
  1. Enter a URL.
  2. Click Continue to see preview the search listing.


Preview your website in search engines with the Search Engine Listing Preview tool.

What is Included in a Search Engine Listing?

Search results in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, all tend to follow a similar format. After a search engine has crawled your website and extracted the title of each page, the content of the page, the URL, etc. it can include your website in search results.

Search engines usually use the page title as the hyperlink for your website in their results. This is also a predominant factor in what users will check when looking through the results of a search. If your titles are clean and direct they may even get better results.

Google and other search providers are including more and more customized information in their results, as well as personalized results, thumbnail images, extra links, and even previews of a website. But most results still follow the same traditional search listing format.

How do I Preview a Listing?

Enter the details of an example website (or copy them from your own) to get a preview of what your page is going to look like in search engine results. This tool uses Google as a standard model for the results.