How to Check for Links:
  1. Enter your URL or domain in the first box.
  2. Enter a list of other URLs in the second box (one per line).
  3. Click Continue to verify who is linking to you.


The Reciprocal Link Checker Tool will check a list of websites to see if they are actually linking back to your domain.

What is a Reciprocal Link?

A reciprocal link is basically just a mutual link. Some site owners might link to a partner site that in turn links back to them. Link exchanges and online partnerships have long employed reciprocal links, but sometimes the website that is supposed to be linking to you will remove the link without you knowing.

This tool will verify which sites are linking to a domain, and how many links there are. If you are exchanging links, have an agreement or sponsorship of some kind, or otherwise expect a backlink from one or more websites, this can save you all the time of manually checking each site.

By crawling each website URL that you provide and searching for links back to your domain, this tool can tell you exactly how many links each URL has pointed at your site. Especially for larger SEO campaigns that are tracking dozens of other sites reciprocal links, this will quickly report on which sites are still linking without taking a lot of time.