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The PageRank Checker Tool fetches estimate of Google PageRank for any URL.

Check the PageRank for your website easily, just enter any URL and see what your Google PageRank is.

What is Google PageRank?

PageRank is the algorithm used by Google for rating web pages. It is intended to reflect the popularity and importance of a web page, however many other factors go into how a website is ranked and placed in search results.

Every link online is like a vote for another website. By looking at all of these votes and factoring in the authority, popularity, and importance of each page that links to a website, Google can determine the relative strength of any web page. Google then uses its PageRank algorithm to assign a ranking from 0-10 to every web page in its index. A PageRank 10 website is the best ranking possible, while a zero means a page is either very new or has little to no "weight". Generally, PageRank will not assign a value to a web page until it has been properly analyzed and indexed - in other words, our PageRank tool will return an "n/a" result.

Google PageRank is not always a clear indication of how well a site will rank in Google, but it is a key feature of their algorithm, and it's extremely rare to have a sustainably high PageRank unless a site is actually an authoritative or very popular site.