How to Find Nofollow Links:
  1. Enter a URL.
  2. Click Continue to view all nofollow links on the page.


Find all the links with the "nofollow" on a page using our nofollow finder tool.

What is the "nofollow" tag?

Links sometimes include an extra attribute in the HTML that has been coined the "nofollow" tag. By adding the attribute rel="nofollow" to a link, a webmaster indicates that the link is not necessarily a trusted site, or that the outgoing link has not been reviewed or validated for the website.

Most major search engines started promoting the nofollow tag for webmasters to use on all paid links as well as unvalidated outgoing links, as a way for the search bots to sort through which links are "organic" and which links might be there because they were paid for, spam, etc. In this way search algorithms can give links with nofollow tag less weight and, in general, resulting in less benefit to search performance.

A link with the nofollow tag might not carry the same weight as a normal link, but currently most search engines do still crawl these links and factor them into their results. However for SEO it can be very useful to determine if a link has the nofollow attribute, since it might adversely affect the strength of the link in regards to search performance.

The nofollow finder tool will extract all outgoing links from a domain and tell you which ones are using nofollow.