How to Use:
  1. Enter up to 10 IP addresses you want to check, one per line.
  2. Click Continue to get your results.


Perform multiple reverse IP address lookups with our Multiple Reverse IP Lookup tool.

This tool accepts a list of multiple IP addresses, and performs a reverse lookup to obtain the hostname that the IP address maps to.

What is a Reverse IP Address?

Reverse IP address is simply a term for discovering the hostname that an IP address translates to. Since all web sites have an IP address in order to be connected to the World Wide Web, that IP address is found from the domain name using DNS nameserver records. However, sometimes you want to discover the hostname of the server on a network and all you have is the IP address.

A Reverse IP lookup is really a Reverse DNS lookup, since it uses nameserver records to determine the domain name for an IP address. rDNS is the opposite of normal DNS lookups which are performed with most domain name requests, since it maps the domain name out from the IP address.

Reverse DNS lookups can be useful if you have a list of IP addresses to check, or need to learn more about where a request is coming from when all you have is the IP address. For example, extracting IP addresses from Web server logs and determining the origin of the requests using only the IP address.