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Check your search engine ranking for multiple keywords.

The Multiple Keyword Search Engine Position tool will check SERPs for major search engines and show you where your website ranks for a list of keywords.

What Keywords Should I Check?

The search engine position tools assists you in checking the position for terms you are hoping or expecting to rank for, or to keep track terms you are already ranking for. Using your master keyword lists and identifying, checking and tracking keywords that you are already ranked for, you can revisit this tool to check up on performance of each of these keywords.

Search Engine Positioning Factors

Rise and fall in search engines isn't always easy to explain. There are many factors in search engine ranking, and search algorithms are constantly changing and becoming more sophisticated. A decline in positioning for a search term that you once ranked strongly for could indicate not only a loss of popularity or authority on behalf of your own website, it can also mean another website is becoming more popular and authoritative, thus pushing you further down in the results.