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Fetch the IP address for multiple domain names using our free Multiple IP Address Checker tool. What is an IP Address? IP address stands for Internet Protocol Address. An IP address is a numerical address assigned to every device being used on a computer network using the Internet protocol. The World Wide Web uses IP addresses to track every device and computer on the Internet so that they can communicate and exchange information to keep the network functioning. Nearly every device has an IP address on an Internet connected network, but a local network will sometimes share a single IP address for Internet access. For example, a business network might be assigned a single IP address for the Internet, and all devices on the private network share that IP address for Internet access. However, each individual device is usually assigned a local IP address of it's own for the local network. Websites have IP addresses too. When you type in an URL in your browser, your request is sent off to your ISP where the domain name is converted into an IP address by checking the DNS records for the domain. The IP address is then used to make an HTTP request to fetch the website.