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Check how multiple domains rank for your keywords in SERPs.

Our Multiple Keyword Search Engine Position tool lets you quickly check how multiple websites rank for a keyword.

Tracking your own search engine positioning for keywords is a common task in SEO. If you run multiple websites ranking for similar terms you can enter all of your domains and see how they rank for each of your keywords.

It's also extremely beneficial to know how your competitors and other websites in the market are performing in relation to your own. Using the multiple website SERP checkers you can keep track of a list of websites and see how they compare.

This tool can be used not just for monitoring search position, but also for identifying other websites that are rising and potentially pushing your rankings down. By regularly checking rankings for your keywords compared to competitor sites that you are tracking, you can identify new trends in SERPs quickly and have a chance to respond with added attention to keywords you might be slipping on. Did the competitor just engage in new marketing around a topic or keyword that you are ranking for? If another site is shooting up in the ranks, you know where to look!