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Generate META tag code for your website with the META Tag Generator Tool.

What do META Tags Do?

META tags are additional HTML elements contained in the header of a website's HTML source. The META tags define additional meta-information about a web page, such as a description of the page or keywords for the page.

The name attribute of the META tag defines what type of tag element is being used, and the content attribute of the META tag defines the actual value, or contents, of the meta tag information.

The most popular META tags are META keywords and META descriptions, but there are additional META tags that you can use in headers to define extra info about a page.

Our Meta-Tag Generator Tool automatically builds the HTML elements you need to include in your header. You can type in your META keywords, description, the author name, website owner, and copyright information as desired. If you don't want to include a field just skip over it. When finished, the Meta Tag tool will generate the HTML, and all you need to do is copy & paste the code into the <head> portion of your website.