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Quickly extract META header tags from any website!

What Are META Tags?

META tags are an HTML element that define metadata about a website. Most web pages contain META element tags in the HEAD portion of the website code. Each META element can have an attribute that defines certain additional information about a website, such as keywords for the site or a description of the page.

There are also META tags that do other things rather than just define extra information about a page. A META refresh tag can tell the browser to redirect a web page, and certain META tags can be used to emulate HTTP header responses.

META tags must be included in the portion of a website, and from there a browser parses the tags out of the code and extracts the information defined in the attribute portion of the tag.

Do Search Engines Care About META Tags?

It has long been accepted by SEOs that META tags aren't a vital part of search engine algorithms, however they are still worth paying attention to. By defining META keywords and descriptions, you can help search engine bots to handle your website, properly categorize it, and give a little extra information for the indexes. But search engines cannot trust META tags for search engine placement, so don't expect huge performance changes based on META tags!