How to Get Backlink Ideas:
  1. Enter a keyword that's relevant to your site
  2. Choose some other options
  3. Click Continue to get suggested link opportunities.


Our Link Suggestion Tool helps you find new backlinks for your site.

Building high-quality backlinks is usually a cornerstone of search marketing and good SEO. It's not always the best strategy to just get lots of links anywhere you can - this can lead to a lot of poor quality backlinks and unsubstantial growth.

Finding similar websites of high quality can aid in discovering the best partners to trade links with, blogs or communities to participate in, and other sources of backlinks that don't sacrifice quality or require unsavory link acquisition techniques.

What Kind of Sites Will I Find?

The link suggestion tool lets you provide a keyword or phrase to narrow down your topic. For example, if you're looking for websites related to shoes, you could enter "shoes", "sneakers", "boots", "buy shoes" or any combination of related terms to search on websites that are similar to yours.

The search type will narrow down the results further by eliminating sites that don't specifically use your keyword in the content or title. Using quotes will perform a hard search for phrases using multiple words.

The search text list most of the common phrases that serve as "flags" for a website accepting link submissions, allowing commenting, or accepting link trades. Browsing through these flags can identify specific websites that are prime candidates for following up on for link building strategies.