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The Link Popularity Checker Tool tells you how popular your links are in the major search engines.

What is Link Popularity?

Link popularity is how often a link to a given website occurs in search engine indexes. It doesn't necessarily indicate the performance of a website directly, but it is a sign of how many and how often other sites are linking to a domain.

What Can Link Popularity Tell Us?

Backlinks are a significant factor in how search engines determine the authority of your website. The sheer number of links is not always the most important factor, but it is a useful indicator of a website's popularity in search engines.

Other link factors play a huge role in actual search engine performance. Authority, relevance, and age of the website's linking to you dominate search engine algorithms, but simply understanding how many links are being indexed by the search bots can be a great indicator for SEO.

Sudden changes in the number of links to a domain can signify a recent growth in popularity, or potentially a change in the search bots behavior. Likewise, a sudden drop in link count can signify a decrease in popularity, or a possible problem with your website being indexed. These data items can be used in SEO analysis in conjunction with other analytics to monitor the health of any domain or get a basic idea of the site's strength and popularity.