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Our Link Extractor Tool will extract all of the outgoing links from the domain of your choice.

This tool crawls any URL and provides a clean list of links that you can use for your SEO and website analysis.

What is an Outgoing Link?

An outgoing link is a link pointing to a different domain. For example, this link is an outgoing link because it points from this domain to It is only considered an "outgoing link" relative to the page the link is on. The previous example would also be considered a "backlink" for

What Can I do With Extracted Links?

Instead of providing a formatted report on inner links and outgoing links like our link analysis tool, the link extractor provides a plaintext list of all outgoing links.

This list can be used to research competitor sites and determine what kind of links they have, who they are linking to, and how many outgoing links they have. Or it can be used for on-site search engine optimization analysis to review the websites you are linking to.

The number of outgoing links you have on your website can be a factor in SEO, as well as the quality and type of sites that you link to.