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The Link Analyzer Tool breaks down incoming and outgoing links for any URL.

This tool will provide the URLs, anchor text and nofollow information for every link found.

What is the Difference Between Inner Links and Outgoing Links?

An inner link is a just a link to another page on the same domain. For example, you might have links in your menu to an About page, Contact page, blog post, etc. Each of these links points to the same domain (your website), and is therefore considered an inner link.

Outgoing links are links from your website pointing to another domain. For example, if you linked to a friend's website from your Links page this would be considered an outgoing link - since you are linking from your domain ( to another domain (

How Can the Link Analysis Tool Help in SEO?

The link analyzer helps you determine the ratio between inner links and outgoing links for any domain. Typically, too many outgoing links can be unhealthy for a website's search performance. There are many factors, but it's often wise to refrain from a huge number of outgoing links compared to inner links.

The tool is especially useful for researching other websites that link to you, since it provides information on the anchor text being used as well as nofollow tags which can impact the strength of a backlink.