Keyword Tools

Keyword Density Tool 1
Keyword Density Tool

Check the frequency of words or phrases in a body of text.

Keyword Extractor Tool 2
Keyword Extractor Tool

Extract the most prominent keywords from any webpage in 1-word, 2-word, and 3-word lists.

Keyword Rich Domain Tool 3
Keyword Rich Domain Tool

Identify registered domain names that contain your keyword of choice.

Keyword Suggestion Tool 4
Keyword Suggestion Tool

Get long-tail keyword suggestions.

Multiple Keyword Position Checker 5
Multiple Keyword Position Checker

Check your current search engine ranking for multiple keywords.

Multiple Website Position Checker 6
Multiple Website Position Checker

Find out where multiple domain names are currently ranking for a particular keyword.

Search Engine Position Checker 7
Search Engine Position Checker

Instantly find out where you rank.