How to Use:
  1. Enter a keyword or phrase to find suggestions for.
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The Keyword Suggestion Generator is an invaluable tool for discovering new keywords.

Finding New Keywords

Enter any keyword or phrase and our keyword tool will extract recommended related searches from Google, Yahoo, and Wordtracker. These keyword lists provide a wealth of new terms and related searches for expanding on your keyword lists.

Suggested keywords from each source are provided in plaintext format so you can copy them to your own lists. All the extracted keywords are also provided in a single master list for convenience.

Building on just a few keywords, you can continue to explore suggested keywords for all of the terms you find with this tool. Add terms from these lists to your own master lists, then come back and drill down on each of those terms to really build up a comprehensive keyword list!

For search engine optimization it can be beneficial to understand all of the search terms used to find sites like yours. While focusing on a handful of keywords for your target site, it's also nice to have a quick way to build a comprehensive list of related keywords. Discover new terms people are searching for organic search marketing or to build up your keyword lists for your PPC ads.