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The Keyword Rich Domain finder helps you find domains with the keywords of your choice.

Keyword rich domains are domain names that explicitly use specific keywords you want. The keywords used in a domain can often be indicative of what type of site it is. In SEO you often want to find other domain names or websites relevant to yours, either to research the market or to find partners.

Do Keywords in the Domain Influence SERPs?

Search engines look at many factors when ranking a website in search results. Specific keywords in the domain name generally won't have a huge influence on search engine results, but they do provide search bots with more information about the topic of the website. Obviously, many websites rank exceptionally well for given keywords without using them in the actual domain name. This is not a big factor in actual search engine positioning.

Why Look for Keyword Rich Domains?

If you're seeking link exchange partners it can help to start with the highest-ranked domains with your keywords. Aside from being an easy filter for finding such sites, it can also help identify new keyword-rich domains that could be available, or be used for ideas when looking for new domains.