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Extract the most prominent keywords from any webpage with our Keyword Extractor Tool.

This tool breaks down all of the keywords used on a website into one-word, two-word, and three-word keyword lists.

Most search engine optimization strategies identify keywords that a site is hoping to rank well for. Obviously, if you sell bicycle seats, you would want to be ranked well in search engines for the term bicycle seat. Doing on-page search engine optimization involves an analysis of how frequently these terms are used and how they are distributed on a website. It's often unclear what individual keywords are being used and messy to extract a list of all these words for search analysis.

By extracting these keywords into distinct plaintext lists, you can use easily see all the terms that a particular page is using. These terms can be included in your SEO analysis for your own website, or in market research. Curious what phrases a competitor is using on their site? Enter any URL you desire, then take the results and use the keyword lists to expand on your own lists, research search performance for competing terms, or do further research on key terms.

One of the biggest challenges in not only SEO but PPC advertising is building a strong keyword list, and tools like the Keyword Extractor can significantly speed up the growth of your keyword lists and help identify terms you haven't yet experimented with.