How to Check Keyword Density:
  1. Enter the URL of a site that you want to analyze keywords on.
  2. Click Continue to get your results.


Check the density of keywords and phrases with our Keyword Density Checker.

This tool breaks down all the major keywords and phrases from any website, organized by one-word, two-word, and three-word keyphrases. Each keyword is analyzed for how often it occurs on the page and is assigned a density rating to show its prominence.

What is Keyword Density?

Keyword density indicates how often a particular keyword appears on the page of a website. A high keyword density means that the phrase is used very frequently when compared to the total amount of content on the page. SEO relies on a healthy balance of keyword density. Using a particular keyword or phrase too many times can be overly spammy, but using it too few times can obscure it's important in relation to the context of the page.

How Can I Use the Keyword Density Tool?

By entering any URL you will see a breakdown of all the phrases used on the page and how often they are used. This allows you to see clearly which keywords are the most popular on your site, and adjust them accordingly to fit more comfortably with keywords you are targeting in search engine results. While it often doesn't pay to over-emphasize the exact phrase you are hoping to rank well for, it's important to discover which phrases are being neglected and focus on terms that relate directly to your SEO goals.