How to Use:
  1. Enter your HTML code in the box below.
  2. Click Continue to get minified results.


Optimize your HTML code with the HTML Optimizer Tool.

Reduce the length of your HTML and improve readability by running your source code through the HTML Optimizer Tool.

What Does the HTML Optimizer Do?

The HTML optimizer lets you copy + paste your source code into the tool form below. The HTML optimizer then scans your source code and removes as many unnecessary linebreaks, newlines and spaces as possible.

Removing all these extra newlines and spacing doesn't change how your HTML code works on your website. It should still render perfectly find when viewed in your Web browser, but the source code itself takes up less space on the Web server, takes less time to be sent to the visitor, and reduces the overall "bloat" of your site.

What Can Be Optimized With This Tool?

The HTML Optimizer is designed for cleaning up HTML source code, but you can also use it to optimize your CSS code, JavaScripts, or just about any plain text file such as a keyword list.

If you have a large list of websites, keywords, or a plaintext document with tons of extra space in it, the HTML Optimizer will clean it up as well.