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Validate your HTML code with the W3C using our HTML Markup Validator Tool.

What is HTML Markup Validation?

The Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) follows a specification (actually, several specifications depending on the DOCTYPE of the HTML). These specifications, or "recommendations" are provided by the World Wide Web Consortium (the W3C). The W3C is an international standards organization that maintains the standards for the HTML markup language. This includes all the tags, elements, formatting, and structure of how HTML should be written.

Validating HTML means checking your HTML source code with the W3C against the specifications to determine if it properly formatted and whether it contains any serious errors or warnings. The W3C provides validation on their site, and our tool quickly cross-checks the URL you provide with the W3C for a full standards-compliant validation of your source code.

Why Should I Validate My HTML Source Code?

It's true that many Web browsers will render a web page just fine even when it contains significant HTML errors. Browsers make their best attempt to render whatever they encounter, but having errors in your HTML source code can end up causing problems for your visitors that you might not even know about. Ensuring that your code is valid and follows the appropriate recommendations for your DOCTYPE is a very good idea for a standards-compliant website.