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Find .gov backlinks with the .gov Backlink Checker tool!

What are .gov Backlinks?

.gov is a top-level domain name extension (TLD) that is reserved for government institutions. .gov domains are not available to the general public, and specifically are reserved for U.S. government institutions.

Since .gov domains are government operated instead of privately operated, they are generally considered more authoritative than publicly available domain name extensions like .com, .net. org, etc.

A .gov backlink is just a link from a website with the .gov TLD. What makes them special? They often carry more authority and weight, being operated by a large government institution instead of a private company or individual, and are usually much more selective of who and how often they place links to public websites.

Why Check for .gov Backlinks?

You might be interested in finding out how many .gov backlinks your own website has, although even the most popular sites don't always have .gov links.

However, when checking the website of a competitor, researching the domain name of a potential partner or publisher for advertising, it can be useful to know if they have authority links from a .gov domain. Like most factors in SEO, a couple .gov links doesn't mean everything, but is part of a well-informed SEO analysis.