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Find .edu backlinks to your website with the .edu Backlink Checker Tool.

What are .edu Backlinks?

Backlinks are simply links to your website from another domain. .edu backlinks are links from a domain with the .edu extension.

What is the .edu Extension?

.edu is a top-level domain name extension (TLD) that is designated for educational institutions. Generally, the public is not allowed to register or obtain a .edu domain name since they are reserved mainly for educational institutions in the U.S.

A domain with the .edu extension isn't necessarily a popular domain, but .edu domains tend to be more authoritative since they are more strictly moderated.

Backlinks from a .edu domain are often highly sought after, mainly because it can be more difficult to get a link from a .edu domain than a traditional .com or other public TLD. Google has repeatedly debunked the notion of links being worth more purely because they come from a .edu (see our ranking factors fact check for more information on this).

Why Check for .edu Backlinks?

It isn't always the goal of an SEO campaign to obtain a lot of .edu links since .edu links are no more authoritative. However, if a website has links from a .edu domain it can be of interest to keep track of these links. Since they are often considered valuable backlinks, it can be wise to nurture and be aware of these links and may help identify opportunities for more quality links.