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Check Whois details for any domain name with the Domain Whois Retriever Tool!

What is Whois Information?

WHOIS is an information storage, retrieval and request protocol. The WHOIS protocol is defined in RFC 3912, and provides the framework for the domain name whois system that stores and provides information on domain name owners.

Whois information for domain names typically stores the full names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and other details for individuals and organizations responsible for the management, administration and handling of different aspects of a domain name. Typically, a domain name has a Registrant record, an Administrative Record, and a Billing record at minimum.

However, Whois data isn't always completely accurate, up-to-date, or in some cases is completely blocked by privacy guards. It's common for a website or domain name owner to provide the name of an organization and generic contact information, or to use privacy guards that block most of the whois information from public view.

Whois records also will provide the nameservers in use for a domain name, which is typically an important part of fetching Whois info for webmasters.

What Can I Use the Whois Retriever Tool For?

The whois tool can be used to check your own domains to determine how accurate and up-to-date your Whois information is, and also to determine how your nameservers are configured. You may also use the Whois tool to check someone else's domain name and learn more about who is running the website and where the nameservers are hosted, including some details about the Web hosting company.