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Check DMOZ for backlinks with our DMOZ Backlink Checker Tool.

What is the DMOZ?

DMOZ, the Open Directory Project, is a human-edited online link directory with reasonably high authority in search engines. It can be extremely difficult to get a backlink from DMOZ, but the challenges of getting a link as well as the age and authority of the domain can make them more valuable. A link in DMOZ is still just one small variable in the full scope of SEO, but is of interest to some webmasters.

Is a DMOZ Backlink Valuable?

Over the years DMOZ has fallen somewhat out of favor among many webmasters due to the inconsistency of category editors and the difficulty of getting a website listed. Search marketing in general has steered further away from the traditional methods of link directories for website promotion, and likewise users have steered further away from link directories as practical tools for Web navigation.

DMOZ still has a fair amount of authority as a domain, and while some low quality websites slip passed their editors, being linked to in the DMOZ can be beneficial to a website's authority in search engines and is often indicative of a reasonably high quality website.