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Validate your stylesheets with our CSS Validator Tool.

What is CSS?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is a descriptive style sheet language that provides the layout and presentation for markup languages like HTML & XHTML. CSS is a major part of rendering websites as we see them in our browser - it can customize the look & feel of a website completely, and is relied on more and more for presentation than deprecated HTML tags and attributes that control the look & feel of elements.

What is CSS Validation?

Cascading Style Sheets follow a specific format for how they should be properly structured. If a style sheet is not properly formatted, it might still work in some browsers and not be totally obvious (most browsers do their best to render whatever is thrown at them), but having errors in the CSS for a website can lead to weird display issues or outright failure.

Validation of CSS checks the format and structure of a CSS file against the W3C standards to determine if it's properly formed or not. This is a good test to make sure CSS is structured well and won't cause problems for users.

How Does the CSS Validator Work?

Just enter the URL of a CSS file to check, and our CSS validator will validate the style sheet directly with W3C.