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  1. Enter a date & time string of any format to convert it to a UNIX timestamp.
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Convert a date string to a UNIX timestamp with our Convert Date to Timestamp Tool.

What is a date string?

A date string is just any date/time provided as a string. For example, the following strings are typical date/time strings used in websites, blogs, etc.

Tuesday, April 13th 2010

January 1st, 2020 12:00PM

Dec. 15, 1945

As you can see, a date/time string can take on many different formats, and may or may not include the time as well as the date.

What is a UNIX Timestamp?

A UNIX timestamp is a specific format used by UNIX based system and has become a standard for web servers since it has a very specific format. Unix time is also referred to as POSIX time. Technically Unix time is the number of seconds that has passed since January 1st, 1970 at 12:00AM UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

The UNIX timestamp format is often used by Web server, software applications and Web apps, due to it's precision and universal application. However, it is not a very human-readable format!

This tool can be used to convert your date strings into a UNIX timestamp which can then be used for your web scripts, to update database records, or whatever else you might need it for.