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Check all your Compete Statistics in one place with the Compete Statistics Checker Tool!

The Compete Statistics Tool will check your Compete ranking, Compete unique visitors and Compete visitor count all at once.

What is Compete Ranking?

Compete ranking is a unique ranking that is assigned to every website in the Compete index. The ranking is a score of your websites popularity compared to all of the websites on the Internet. #1 is the most popular website in the Compete database. Some popular websites still rank in the several hundreds of thousands, so the ranking assigned by Compete is best when considered along with other statistics. Like many website rankings, it does not provide a full picture of a websites performance, but can be a useful indicator when checking your own websites or researching a market.

What are Compete Unique Visitors?

Compete keeps track of how many unique monthly users your website has based on its toolbar and other data. This number represents how many unique IP addresses accessed a website. If someone visits your website multiple times it will count as a single unique visitor.

What are Compete Visits?

The number of Compete visits represents how many visitors went to a website. Unlike unique visitors, multiple visits are each counted separately.