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Use our Compete Ranking Tool to quickly check your website rank on Compete.com.

What is Compete Ranking?

Compete.com is a traffic analysis and ranking website run by Compete, Inc. Compete ranking assigns a number to every website they crawl and index, rating them by traffic popularity.

The lower your Compete rank, the more traffic your website is getting. Compete ranking starts at #1 and goes all the way to the hundreds of thousands - ranking and storing millions of pages in their index.

Compete collects data from many sources. One source is the Compete toolbar, which is installed in a users browser and then tracks usage and reports browsing information back to Compete for the purposes of ranking and adjusting their site index. Compete also obtains data from other sources, such as software application providers and ISPs.

How Do I Improve My Compete Ranking?

Since Compete ranking is a direct representation of how much traffic your website is getting, the only way to really improve your Compete ranking is by increasing traffic to your website! You can also obtain and install the Compete toolbar yourself, browse your sites, and encourage others to do the same. Since Compete also collects other traffic and quality information, like most ranking systems it is best to focus on your website's growth and performance and not too much on the specific ranks.