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The Browser Details Tool fetches and displays lots of details about your browser and connection.

What Kind of Details Are Provided?

This tool automatically scans your connection information and determines several useful details for you. If you're wondering about any of the following, our tool can help:

  1. What is My IP Address?
  2. What is my Hostname?
  3. What Operating System information is being shared?
  4. What is my browser type?

The tool uses information made available by your computer and browser (the "client"). This can be useful for finding our what your IP address is or what your hostname is for personal use, or if you are concerned about privacy and want to know what information your PC is giving away!

What Information Is My Browser Providing?

Your Internet connection makes certain details of your browser and PC available to every website you visit. These details include your IP address (unless you are behind a firewall or router, in which case this will report the IP of your router/gateway), your hostname, operating system, browser type, the language your computer is using, and whether you have JavaScript and/or cookies enabled.

You can use this tool to get a quick piece of information, or to test privacy settings in your browser.