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Find out how many pages are indexed in Bing for any website.

The Bing Indexed Pages Checker will scan the Bing search engine and tell you how many pages are reported in their search index for a domain. You can check a full domain ( or subdomains specifically (

What is Bing?

Bing is Microsoft's search engine, formerly known as Windows Live Search or MSN Search. Bing is one of the major search engines but is still based on years of indexes and technology developed by Microsoft for the now-defunct MSN Web search engine. Bing is generally considered to be one of Google's major competitors, and Microsoft has given Google their first formidable competition with the release of Bing in 2009.

What are Bing Indexed Pages?

Bing constantly crawls the Web to discover new content, and to refresh their "cache" of content for existing websites. When Bing crawls your website with their search bots, they create an index that tracks all of the URLs on your website. Once a web page has been crawled and included in their index, it can be included in their search results. In order to be ranked in Bing results, a page must first be indexed by Bing.