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The Authority Link Checker reports on authority backlinks from .edu domains, .gov domains, DMOZ and Yahoo! Directory.

What is an Authority Link?

Authority links are backlinks from a strong, authoritative website. There are many authority websites on the Internet, but there are a few leading factors that help distinguish a common public domain from an authority domain. Among these are the .edu domain name extension, reserved for educational institutions, and the .gov domain name extension, reserved for U.S. government institutions. Links from either a .edu or .gov website often carry great authority and weight for search engines, since they are not only large institutions but are not public entities and are usually much more difficult to get a backlink on.

What are Authority Directories?

While the .gov and .edu extensions are good indicators of authority domains, two authority directory websites are also checked for backlinks with this tool.

DMOZ is a very old and well-established directory that has long been considered an authority in Web directories. It has fallen somewhat out of favor as a practical tool, but links from DMOZ are still looked upon favorably.

Yahoo! Directory is also one of the oldest link directories online. Backlinks from Yahoo! Directory can be valuable but are also difficult to obtain.