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Who is Alexa?

Alexa is an established Web information company that maintains a huge database of traffic information. The Alexa toolbar collects browsing information from thousands of users over time, and compiles this traffic data into their website index.

Alexa ranking is not always a completely reliable figure, but they base the ranking on a large amount of data and when combined with other information it can be a very useful sign of a website's popularity.

What is Alexa Ranking?

Alexa traffic ranking is a number assigned to every website in Alexa's website index. The lower your traffic ranking, the better your score. For example, Google is currently a #1 in Alexa, whereas your grandma's knitting blog might be somewhere around #250,000 (or maybe 2,000 if it happens to be extremely popular!).

In other words, Alexa traffic ranking orders every website in their database by popularity, with #1 being the most popular.

A low Alexa ranking doesn't always guarantee good search engine performance, or tell you anything about the quality of the site. It is purely in indicator of how much traffic a web site gets.