Social Network Growth Over the Last 10 Years

Katherine Stott    By under Social Media Marketing.

Social Network Growth Over the Last 10 Years recently designed and published an awesome infographic that showcases the highs and lows of the social media spectrum, as studied over the last 10 years. A number of networks came and went and some stood the test of time. There could, quite possibly, have been a few that you've never even heard of entering the mix. Here's a rundown of the ups, downs and in-betweeners that made up a decade's worth of mention in the social media domain.

Putting A Number To It

By simply putting a number on each of the following social networks, it's easy to see who the key players have been over the last ten years. Here are the top five as they stand today:

1. Facebook - recently having just hit their one billion mark
2. Twitter - 500 million
3. Google+ - 400 million
4. Weibo - 300 million
5. RenRen - 250 million

LinkedIn sits close behind with 175 million, and everyone's favorite photo companion, Instagram, comes in at 7th with 100 million.

Scratching The Three Year Itch

Of the key social networks, 9 out of 11 of them grew each year during their first three years. For the three years to follow that, only five of those 11 managed to grow each year in succession. Of those 11, six experienced exponential growth during their fourth year:

1. Twitter - up to eight times
2. Facebook - up to six times
3. Tumblr - up to four times
4. Flickr - up to three times
5. LinkedIn - up to two times
6. Myspace - up to two times

The Big Mentions

The first two of the big mentions who have risen to fame quickly and continue to experience healthy growth owe their fame to the rapid spread of smartphone use:

1. Foursquare
2. Instagram
3. Tumblr

While these guys haven't skyrocketed to fame, they're enjoying a steady flow of interest:

1. Flickr
2. LinkedIn
3. Xing
4. Yelp

Those who became famous in their early years and still maintain their levels of fame are:

1. Path
2. Pinterest
3. Soundcloud

While the ones who are starting to show signs of "cooling off" or have long been forgotten already are:

1. Friendster
2. Myspace
3. Orkut

It's interesting to note that kids of today don't even know about Myspace or Friendster. Do you think the same could be said for Facebook in a few years time?

Thanks to for the image and the infographic, which can be seen in full here.