Social Media's Impact On Festive Shopping

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Social Media Influencing Christmas Shopping - NorthcuttWith the festive season approaching, there are a number of holidays to look forward to - religious and non - and a lot of cash to be spent buying gifts for loved ones. It's interesting to note how the rise in social media and the convenience and security of online shopping has also changed the way we shop.

Deal-Hunters Using Social Media

Research conducted by - questioning 1,400 men and women - revealed that 44.3% of shoppers use social media to uncover the best deals on festive promotions. They also make use of their social channels to crowdsource information from their friends. Finding the "perfect gift" for that special someone is also done using social media by 64.8% of the shoppers in question and 67% of the shoppers buy gifts that they've found while casually browsing their social platforms.

Searching For Shopping Inspiration

When it comes to gaining inspiration for purchases, leafing through magazines and Christmas catalogs aren't a very fair match for the power of social content. The following channels are the go-to sources for online inspiration for the shoppers who were questioned:

  • Pinterest garners 47.7% of user's interest
  • Facebook steals attention from 32.4% of the users questioned
  • Those who prefer not to use social channels for inspiration amount to 10.1%
  • Twitter attracts 4.4% of users
  • Instagram entices 2.1% with other channels stealing 3.2%

Bringing Shopping Into The Conversation

There are also a great percentage of shoppers who log onto their favorite channels while in-store to carry out a variety of different actions. This is where the power of conversation can completely transform your product movement, specifically if you've had the foresight to plan for these events:

  • 66.4% of shoppers will update their statuses to let friends know about the fabulous deal they just found
  • 57.1% will read up on product reviews before purchasing
  • 42.4% will upload a photograph of their purchases
  • 41.7% will ask the opinions of their friends before making the purchase
  • 38.4% will tweet about the exceptional offers they've found
  • 33.3% will Instagram their purchases

As a shop owner, if you've prepared for these eventualities and have a strong online reputation management system set up, you can intercept a lot of these conversations as well as feedback to shoppers. Even a simple note of thanks to a shopper who has Instagrammed your product will go a long way towards instilling effective customer relationship management that makes your customers feel like you're there as a support for them.

Social's Influence Over Other Channels

If you're still unsure as to the power of social when it comes to Christmas and festive deals, perhaps these are the figures that will grab your attention. The shoppers in question said when it comes to making a purchase, they would first trust the opinion of a friend on a social platform before they used any of the other sources of content inspiring them to buy gifts.

  • 24.8% would trust peer recommendations on Facebook or Twitter
  • 13.6% would go on the persuasive prowess of a TV advert
  • 12.9% would trust a shared link - also from friends on social channels
  • 12.2% would go with the influence of a friend's Pinterest pin
  • 10.7% would trust magazine adverts
  • 7% would trust an Instagram photo - also that of a friend in their social circles
  • 2.3% would trust an online banner advert
  • 8.1% chose "other means"

With such persuasive figures proving the efficiency of social media influence in festive shopping decision-making, shouldn't your products also be joining the conversation? A solid social media campaign could completely transform sales and the movement of stock during this time. If you're already using these channels, then hopefully these figures will help you see where should be directing your attention.

The statistics here were taken from this awesome infographic.