Northcutt's social media strategists have been practicing social listening for some time now. Social listening to find out brand mentions, to find issues, to answer and to base content around what your customers are asking is very important. Trust Northcutt's team of expert social media strategists to daily and weekly monitor your brand's name mentions based on your preference. Our content writers and strategists will then work to take issues your customers are asking about and turn it into content for your brand and have readily available answers so you can be go-to for anything related in your field. Trust our expert writers to help levitate your brand to a higher status in authority.

What is Social Listening?

Social listening is a way for your brand to connect with others on the internet, not only on social media but on outside sources. Social listening is monitoring your brand mentions, responding, and answering your customers or future customers' questions. There are various tools available to help monitor brand mentions, but responding is the other half of it. You do not want to leave your customers puzzled, you want the questions answered as soon as possible. It is going above and beyond the tagged mentions on social media, it is combing the internet for mentions beyond just social media.

Why Social Listening is Important

Social listening is so important because, for many business owners, monitoring their brand name lies solely on social media notifications. Social listening goes beyond that notion. By leveraging the conversations others are having, beyond your brand's name, you can have specific insight into what the customers are wanting, asking, and saying in general. You do not want to miss what others are saying beyond your social media notifications. Did you know that up to 30% of tweets do not even mention the company's Twitter handle? You do not want that happening to you. That is where Northcutt comes in with our social listening. Our social media strategists not only track brand mentions but scour the internet and use social media tools to effectively listen for key phrases that could be proven beneficial to your business. Northcutt's social listening involves tracking these phrases, looking for questions and problems the public may have pertaining your field, and being a sounding board for your brand beyond social media. Northcutt uses Question and Answer forums such as Quora and Reddit to monitor and answer important questions pertaining to your brand's field or specialty. Northcutt creates brand awareness for future endeavors and to create future traffic and growth of your brand. Northcutt uses social media listening to go beyond the brand mention and works together to create the perfect brand message for your company. That way, word will get around about your business and create a rapport with the community online. Northcutt's advanced social listening techniques are unique and one of a kind for digital agencies - there is nothing like it. See what Northcutt can do for your brand's social listening.

Social Listening Ideas

Let us demonstrate what we know about social listening.

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