Your Twitter account... Your Facebook page... Your LinkedIn profile... Often, these will be the first impressions a potential customer has of your brand. Are you making sure it's a good one? In the current online landscape, social media can be used for almost any purpose. In many ways, it's the new home page. Companies that are active and accessible on social media are able to reach customers on a more personal level, provide better customer service, increase their brand presence, promote new products or services, and ultimately grow their businesses.

Our Social Media Process

You can't just sign up for a social media account, start posting, and think your business is going to strike it rich overnight. Social media success is earned through careful planning and setting goals that serve a clear business benefit. That's where Northcutt steps in. We take the time to understand your brand and its niche, and then create a plan that is tailored to both the audience you already have and the audience you want.

Most social media efforts fail because they lack a strong foundation. Northcutt's social team knows how to optimize your profiles and biographies for search and we will make sure cover photos, headers, and avatars fit best practices. For our day-to-day social account management, we employ a scientific mix of post types (content curation, brand facts, promotions, etc.) sent out at optimal times to reach the largest audience. Social media serves as a signal booster for your brand message and your content marketing, and we'll optimize all blogs posts for distribution on social channels.

To complement these tasks, we're constantly building relationships on social media with industry influencers and experts that can be tapped into later for our content marketing and digital PR. One of the biggest ignored values of social media is the endless amount of free knowledge that you can observe and internalize. We will help you identify your competition, monitor who they are following and interacting with, and gain insight on their marketing/sales strategy. This ensures your social presence is meeting its full potential as well as the standard of your competitors.

And it's not enough to just respond to direct inquiries and interactions on social networks. Employing social listening, we can proactively track your "brand conversation" and find unrealized opportunities to engage on sites such as Quora and Reddit. Additionally, through various social listening tools, we identify trends in the conversation relating to your brand as well as monitor overall sentiment on the greater social web.

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