In this age of digital marketing, there is a new kind of marketing, and that is influencer marketing. Northcutt's team of strategists are professionals in outreach, building relationships with key influencers in all fields. Northcutt's team will brainstorm and plan a unique influencer strategy to fit your business's needs. With new, unique social media and blog content made available, influencer marketing is becoming something brands cannot live without. Influencer marketing allows for blog collaborations, Instagram story link sharing, sponsored posts, and much more. The opportunities are practically endless.  

What is influencer marketing?

  Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that takes popular leaders in the social or blogging space and promotes by their word. Meaning, they become the face of the brand they choose to get behind. This is becoming more effective in the marketing mix due to the fact that customers want a voice they can trust, and if they follow someone with a large following, who shows loyalty towards their field, chances are the customer trusts them more than an advertisement banner they see on the web. In fact, 92% of customers say they trust strangers more than they trust the actual brands. And 81% of marketers who tried influencer marketing said they saw success from it. Influencer marketing is stacking up against the competition at all odds, and Northcutt is here to help you bring it to fruition.

How Influencer Marketing Works

Northcutt has multiple ways of executing influencer marketing: through blog posts, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest just to name a few. An influencer might share an Instagram story linked to a blog post they wrote in collaboration with your brand, or an influencer might share a post on Facebook about the tremendous support they received from your brand. Whatever the case may be, others will see this as a positive reaction and trust this influencer, this leader in the industry over an ad. A collaboration will also be good for your site's search engine optimization (SEO) as influencers are more highly recognized.

Northcutt will see the entire process of finding influencers, building relationships, and executing the marketing strategy laid out for your business. Northcutt will decide if the influencer has the desired reach and engagement to properly execute the marketing plan. Northcutt's strategists will create a rapport with the influencers and negotiate a deal that will see the influencer marketing plan through. And finally, Northcutt's strategists will report on the findings of the influencer marketing campaign by tracking engagements, shares, link clicks, and conversions.

Northcutt's trusted strategists and content creators have everything needed to ensure your influencer marketing campaign comes out a success and brings in more traffic and leads that your business deserves. Using up-to-date tools and analytics, the influencer marketing campaign of your choosing will be a crowning achievement in marketing efforts this year. If you have not jumped on board influencer marketing, you are already late. Northcutt's team will bring you up-to-date with influencer marketing.  

Influencer Marketing Ideas

Let us demonstrate what we know about influencer marketing.

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