Halloween Campaigns That Are So Great, It's Scary!

Katherine Stott    By under Social Media Marketing.

MAC Cosmetics Halloween Make-up TutorialWe've had a quick look around the greater social web to see what other people are up to this Halloween and there's some really cool stuff happening. In the United States, Halloween is one of the year's most popular, fun holidays and it's and exceptional point to leverage from when using social media for your campaigns.

Whether the campaign's aim is to increase revenue or raise brand awareness, taking the stiff aspect of business out of the mix and replacing it with Halloween makes for much easier convincing. Social media also just makes it so much easier to drive a message home.


IHOP's Scary Face Pancake is their Halloween emblem and has been offered free to all patrons under 12 years old eating in-store on Halloween. A brand campaign of sweet proportions with the pay-off line, "all treat, no tricks" is a simple and fun way to get families into their stores on Halloween, but also to keep IHOP top of mind when it comes to family orientated outings. The campaign has been driven via their website, and pre-generated content on Facebook and Twitter and an event was set up on Facebook to keep fans in the loop.

M.A.C Cosmetics

As a small but really clever and well-received addition to Halloween, M.A.C Cosmetics released three YouTube video tutorials detailing how to create the make-up effects for Day of the Dead, a zombie and Monster's Bride. The videos are really well executed in that they offer clear insight into the different M.A.C make-up used and shows the artist applying it as he speaks. It's not outlandishly ingenious, but it's simple and it's clever and the videos have garnered tens of thousands of views in just over 3 weeks of being available. There has also been a bit of play around the videos on Facebook and Twitter, showcasing the make-up of expert artist, Rick Baker, as he shares his pearls of wisdom.

Party City

Party City Be A Character Halloween CampaignParty City seems to have stolen the show this year with their #BeACharacter campaign, and we have to admit, it's pretty awesome! The hype has been rising since early October and they've pulled out all the stops to inspire creativity and engagement. Why be a costume when you can be a character? It's all about getting into the thick of it and living out your Halloween celebrations in the shoes of your character.

Their campaign is using social networks and their offline stores in collaboration, driving people from both angles to participate in a bit of Halloween fun. They used their own pre-designed material to get the crowds going and to encourage members of the public to photograph themselves - all dressed up and ready to go - in front of the Party City wall with a personally-suited hashtag that speaks to their character, eg: #BeFlirty or #BeCourageous etc.

The key has been getting people to post their pictures on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #BeACharacter. A random search for the hashtag on any of the three mentioned platforms provides endless streams of user-generated content and it all seems to have a very positive sentiment.

Not only is it fun dressing up and letting your alter-ego free for a day, but it's also an incredible opportunity to win a holiday to one of four national destinations. Their goal? To increase the number of feet walking through Party City doors or to make bigger numbers of the purchases via their online shop. It will be interesting to review their analytics after Halloween, because we're quite sure that their offline/online integration has taken the US by storm!