Have you created your Google+ business page yet?

under Social Media Marketing.

Google+ may look like a bit of a ghost town now when compared to Facebook, but with the implementation of the rel="author" tag, the +1 button's place as a ranking signal, social search, and more no doubt more search-related features on the horizon; it would be a very good idea to get your new Google+ business page up (or make sure your online visibility consultant is on the task) today!

With this new feature came the new Google+ Business Site. One potential drawback is that there is no way to share with multiple administrators (which Facebook pages make quite easy), and that no other real automation/apps exist yet to make your life easier in working with this new tool.

Despite these drawbacks, the overall response to the new Google+ pages has been overwhelmingly positive. With Monday's announcement came what may very likely become a whole new niche of SEO in itself; that of optimizing for Google's direct connect search. This can already be seen in your Google search autocomplete when typing in +Youtube, or any other search query that begins with the + symbol.