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When it comes to their video content, SEO is the not the first thing in the mind of most businesses. While it may be depressingly close to your current strategy, you can't just upload your videos to YouTube or your company website and expect them to perform. Official Google documents have confirmed that video creators should optimize their YouTube metadata. Even the greatest videos in the world will languish in obscurity without a little bit of help. That's where Northcutt steps in.

Our Video SEO Process

Many agencies will lump video SEO into their general SEO strategy. We recognize that you can't have a one-size-fits-all SEO strategy that passively includes video. Video SEO is its own beast and should be approached as such. How people search for videos on YouTube differs from how people search on Google. Our team of SEO experts takes that into account and creates a keyword strategy for videos on YouTube that is unique from your Google keyword strategy.

Once you've created that video, as we mentioned above, you can't just upload it to YouTube and hope for the best. By implementing video schema, we'll make sure your videos get fully indexed and are discoverable in the search engines. Additionally, you also just can't upload that video to YouTube. The world of online video is much bigger than YouTube. Here's a list of 32 of our favorite video submission sites to start.

While there are differences with how you approach SEO and video SEO, there is one truth that resonates through both. Links are earned. Once you've created the great content, the link-building begins. Our outreach team will employ the same successful outreach process that we use to amplify epic blog posts, infographics, whitepapers, and other evergreen content.

Video SEO Ideas

Let us demonstrate what we know about video SEO.

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